About Dwyer Manufacturing


At Dwyer Manufacturing Ltd. we solely set our standards of quality and efficiency around our customers needs.  Since 1994 we have ventured across many manufacturing paths.  Having the experience to meet and exceed any given task has made us a well respected part of the manufacturing industry.


  • Company History: started in 1994 by Joe and Teri Dwyer

    joined later by sons Dan and Eric

    Staff list:

    Joe Dwyer: General Manager

    Teri Dwyer: HR/Accounting

    Mike Giffen: Service Manager

    Nancy Jordan: Office / Accounting

    Dan Dwyer: Manufacturing / Sales

    Eric Dwyer: Manufacturing / Installation

    Nate Hubbard: Manufacturing

    Cole Watson: Manufacturing

    Gilbert VandenHeuvel: Customer Service / Website

Since 1995 we have been delivering quality products and have met and exceeded any expectations. Located in Dublin, Ontario, Canada we have many varieties of products that are 100% canadian manufactured. All of our

When efficiency and productivity are important, look to Dwyer Manufacturing Ltd. For 15 years we have built durable high quality products for the agricultural industry that have stood the test of time. Dwyer Manufacturing has earned a nationwide reputation for technical innovation, reliability and outstanding performance