Liquid Feeding System


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    • We have been installing the Liquid Feeding Systems since 1998.
    • Big Dutchman, a company with a 75 year history in Europe, manufactures this system which we believe is the best available in terms of reliability, durability and economy.


  • The system’s parts, augers, scales, pumps, mixing vats, and valves work as one.
  • In-line medications, and bio-control are also part of the system.
  • All systems are expandable and may be upgraded as required.
  • This is a dust-free and environmentally friendly system that is time saving as well as cost saving.


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9_StarterPigsLiquid feeding works and it is estimated that 20% of Ontario pigs are finished using this method.

Scientific research is showing us that there are five main advantages to liquid feeding.




  1. Improvement in nutrient conversion
  2. Increased flexibility and control in the feeding program
  3. Use of cost effective liquid co-products
  4. Reduced environmental impact
  5. Improved animal performance.

As with a dry feeding system, or a wet/dry system, controls need to be in place in order to maintain proper hygienic quality of the feed as well as the system. Economically it makes good sense, especially in today’s volatile markets for feed and product.

Feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide up-to-date information about liquid feeding systems, comparing various systems, and quote you a turn-key system to start feeding your animals.