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Daltec specializes in developing and producing dry feeding systems and conveying solutions for agriculture. With 30 years and 25,000 systems operating world wide, experience has shown us efficient and simple ways to deliver dry feed to individual pens.

The Daltec Feeding System is the system of choice due to:daltec drive

  • Stainless steel friction drive units

  • Fiber coated cable

  • Reliable feed dispensers

  • Delivery pipes are European Galvanized steel

  • Optional stainless steel delivery pipe

  • Choice of 3 systems ranging from basic Filling System to fully computerized Portion Feeding

The patented friction drive system, combined with the fiber-coated cable ensure even pull on the cable and a lighter unloaded system. Multi-phase feeding allows for several blends in the same feed line and a bio-dosing pump and injection valve can be mounted onto the line.