If you want a long lasting tool that will stand up to rugged use,

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is what you need.


Dwyer MFG repair crews use only Hilti on the job and you should too.old hilti case

Why drag electrical cords through the barns? Save time and mess with quality Hilti battery tools. 

The consumer level tools you've used in the past have left you frustrated, Hilti tools and batteries will perform just as well as corded tools.

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Hilti has one of the best warranties on the market.

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Combo Kits

Kits are always available with the tools and battery combination you pick.

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Individual Hilti Tools

All using the same long lasting 18 Volt battery and charger shown below.

All prices are for each individual item so you can mix and match as needed.


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 Circular Saws

SCM 18-A, $376.35scm

(battery not included)

Used for Metal cutting

Handy for cutting sheet steel or tubing & angle

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SCW 18-A, $243.43scw

(battery not included)

Used for Wood cutting

Why drag a cord around, this saw has all the power you need.

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Cordless Drill Driver

The SF 10W-A18 delivers the torque and speed to drill holes through wood as fast or faster than a corded drill. With four speeds, it provides more options to improve the drilling performance in metal as well. Now you can really throw away the extension cord, when drilling holes in wood or metal.

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With battery technology improving, there is no need to drag electrical cords around anymore. 



Drill, Driver and Hammer Drill in 1

SFH 18-A, $202

(battery not included)




Superior performance and battery capacity in the 18 volt class

Up to 55% more bpm in masonry

Up to 25% higher rpm

Top speed of 2140 rpm for fast drilling in steel and unbeaten hammer drilling speed

Up to 25% more torque


Hammer drilling in diameters up to 1/2" in brick, masonry and aerated concrete

Drilling with auger and spade bits up to 1 1/2" diameter in wood

Drilling in masonry or stone with masonry drill bits

Drilling holes in wood with hole saw, spade, auger, self feed, or jobber bits

Drilling holes in metal with stepper, hole saw, or jobber bits

Impact Screw Driver

SID 18-A, $218

(battery not included)

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sid 18a


High efficiency brushless motor delivers long lasting reliable power

Four LED lights surround the application with light

Sealed electronics for added protection against dust, chips and humidity

Three gears and electronic speed control for easy switching between different driving speeds

1/4" hex quick-release chuck


Driving  screw anchors up to 3/8" in diameter in concrete and masonry

Driving long screws and lag bolts up to 1/2" in diameter in wood

Drilling in wood with WDB-S spade bits

Screwdriving in metal #12

Lag bolts up to 1/2"

Cordless Rotary Hammer

TE 4A-18, $431

(battery not included)


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Highest work per charge with 18 volt batteries

First-class performance-to-weight ratio and very compact design

Cordless tool with corded tool performance

High battery capacity - drills more holes per battery charge than other cordless rotary hammers in this class

Specially designed hammering mechanism for superior drilling performance up to 1/2"


Repetitive drilling in all directions in concrete and masonry; recommended for diameters up tp 1/2".  Installing crates and penning as well as a corded tool.

Optimized for repetitive anchor drilling

Optional chuck adapter for occasional drilling in wood, steel and plastics

Cordless Reciprocating Saw

WSR 18-A, $220

(battery not included)


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wsr 18A




Efficient gearing design for greater power transmission to the blade and thus more work per charge

High-efficiency motor for longer tool life

2-step injection molded grip improves operator comfort

Variable speed trigger for more control in the application



Cutting EMT conduit, galvanized pipe, strut, threaded rod, anchor bolts and rebar

Cutting formwork, plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), and 2x material

Cutting reinforcing bars, threaded rods and metal profiles

Creating openings in sheet metal, drywall and cement boards

Cutting window frames, woodwork and plastics

Cordless Angle Grinder, 5"

AG 500- A18, $314

(battery not included)


ag 500


Brushless motor for three times longer lifetime (no commutator to damage and no carbon brushes to change)

Keyless quick-change flange

Electronic brake stops the disc within one second

Active Torque Control and automatic off provide additional operator protection

Hilti abrasive cutting discs optimized for use with this tool


Cutting and grinding cast iron pipes, steel and stainless steel profiles

Notching, grinding and finishing steel beams, plates and steel mesh

Cutting and grinding strut, threaded rods and sheet metal

Cutting, grinding and finishing stainless steel

Cordless Impact Wrench, 1/2" drive

SIW 18T-A, $217

(battery not included)


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siw 18TA


10% more torque in a smaller size tool

More work per charge than competitive high torque tools of the same class

Electronic brake for high degree of control of fasteners

Extremely well balanced for operator comfort

Same torque in reverse or forward


Tightening and releasing 1/2" to 1" nuts and bolts

Driving Kwik HUS and Kwik HUS-EZ screw anchors in concrete

Hi-torque tool in area with no power like middle of field or top of silo

Driving lag bolts up to 5/8" in wood (pre-drilling may be necessary)

Installing / remove wheel studs