Dwyer Manufacturing offers only high quality hog penning and flooring.

What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to customize to your needs using our in-house manufacturing equipment.

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MIK INTERNATIONAL is Europe's leading specialist for high value plastic flooring in pig, calf, sheep and goat husbandry.

As the pioneers of plastic panels, we look back on more than 45 years of intense partnerships with success driven customers and the positive feedback we have received from them, in over 50 countries.

This leading position is mainly based on:

1. Marketability! MIK takes up new challenges, exactly where they arise - directly on your farm! The results of which are innovative products contributing to your efficiency, through simple assembly, animal friendly surfaces and outstanding durability.

2. Experience! With our unmatched diversified product range and comprehensive know-how in technical consultancy and execution planning, we generate sound solutions for your individual plans.

The success story of MIK up to this point, inspires us to maintain and even enlarge your enthusiasm about our match making products of proven quality and our professional and committed advisory service.pig pillars


Products available

MIK has a wide range of products for Pigs - Farrowing,MIK farrowing

The SWING system offers a wide variety of individual combinations with different sizes and surface types for farrowing. Intelligent hygienic solutions can be integrated additionally.  The different SWING series panels allow the varying lying requirements for the sows’ shoulders, teats and rear legs.

MIK starter pan feeder



Experience has shown us that the MIK Starter Pan Feeder stands up better then thin stainless feeders commonly used.  The feeder is divided into 6 feeding places. The MIK starter pan is suitable for wet or dry ingredients.

3.5 liter capacity, 29.5 cm diameter



The electrically operated THERMO E 400 x 600 allows a flexible arrangement of panels, is MIK heating pad captionvery suitable for the cost conscious remodeling of old installations and has greatly proved itself as a reliable heating in nursery systems.





Nursery & Finishing

MIK chess title

The CHESS utilizes a unique slot base arrangement with its chess board pattern ensuring an optimum step safety in every direction of movement.

With a support system build into each panel, significant savings can be realized on the SST or fiberglass support system compared to other panel designs.

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MIK support beam

Fiberglass or Stainless Steel Support Beams are available.  End strips provide a clean finish and  ensure a smooth transition to concrete surfaces.






mik fastener system

The installation aids ensure simple mounting of penning systems and feeders on MIK flooring.  They are specially designed to fit different shapes of MIK flooring.   Fasteners are 100% stainless steel. MIK installation






Calves and Milk ParlourMIK milking parlour

The TRAPPER panel offers milking farmers a safe and ergonomic workplace arrangement in addition to easy use and cleaning. The STEPPER has a special design with a knobbed surface structure that guarantees better grip, for safer working conditions.


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The temperaMIK prarie captionture-neutral PRÄRIE and TRAPPER panels are increasingly used in calf rearing as an economic and practical alternative to concrete or wooden slats or bedding.





Sheep and Goat Farmingmik goats

The STEPPER panel was developed especially for sheep and goats. Its proven surface provides the very best traction and stability. High supporting beam savings due to 800 mm width. 




 STEPPER is the right choice because:

  • knobbed surface generates unique slide prevention and safe grip

  • excellent self-cleaning due to 14 mm wide slotsMIK stepper caption2

  • stability, durability and resistance

  • allows moving safely and lying comfortably

  • dry and temperature neutral for healthier animals

  • reduction of bedding, storage costs and labour input


For complete information and details visit the MIK wesite, CLICK HERE

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Norlock PVC Panels & Planks

NorLock planks and panels are stronger then the competitions standard PVC panels and still priced right.

Its structurally advanced construction features more plastic per square foot, making it ready for all types of use without any wood reinforcement, saving you money. This durable planking is able to withstand the extra weight of equipment, waterlines, feeders, and controllers fastened directly to it.

Benefits of our NorLock product:

  • Bright white to lighten your roomsnorlockpaneling sheet imperial
  • Tight fitting tongue and groove
  • Strong enough to hang heavy items off of it
  • Unique center web design gives superior strength
  • Do not need wood inside to add strengthnorlock panel
  • Cut your doors right out of the wall
  • Easy to clean and does not hold bacteria
  • Product of Canadanorlock board 20x7-8
  • High impact testing




norlock sizes

Penning posts and Brackets

Standard designs or custom built stainless steel Penning posts, supports and brackets are made on site to meetimg130 your needs.

Sow Housing

Sow crates, stalls and pens are all made exactly to your specifications.  Not only your specific design but also the types of metal you want to us.  Stainless feet and bottom bar can add many years of life to your investment.


Nursery Barn

Liquid Trough Panel

Dog Kennel