Flex augers



Both tubing and augers are available in 3 sizes to fit your specific requirements.
Whether its premix, ground feed, mash, high moisture corn, shelled corn or pellets,
Dwyer MFG can design a system to handle it.

Stainless steel boots and slide gates are built in house to simplify operation of your
system and significantly reduce long term maintenance.

flex augur boot x300

Stainless steel bin unloader / boot and slide gate.

Grain, feed and even just the weather are always destroying the auger unloader / boot.
Do the job right and avoid a rusty mess down the line.

With a Dwyer MFG 100% stainless unloader / boot:

  • Slide gate & inspecton door operation is easily done

  • Repair is minimized

  • Moisture wicking is eliminated since there are no rust holes.

  • compatible with industry standard plastic bin boot

  • able to work with 220, 300, 350, HR and 500 series flex augers

For moving feed up in the air and around corners, elbows are specially formed with increased wall thickness on the inside of the elbow for added strength and wear resistance.

flex augur bend x200

flex augur drive unit

Drive Unit / Power Head