Mik Flooring


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Supported by your choice of fiberglass or stainless support beams

Unique chess board pattern or knobbed surface for slide prevention

mik fibreglass supports



The specifically rounded profile of the flooring which allows a good passage of the manure and easy cleaning.

The use of high-quality Polypropylene and UV-stabilizers gives added durabilitymik flooring
Acid and alkali resistant
Continuous testing at 7 science and research institutions

Chess paternFast and Easy Installation
Patented locking profile gives the possibility of combining different panel types
Large range of products allowing an easy planning and a design fit for animal pens of any size
No wasted panels during installation


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MIK Flooring is the original plastic floor panel, made in Germany and imported by us at Dwyer Manufacturing Ltd.

After almost 20 years of installing this flooring MIK continues to out perform competitors and concrete slats.

 Easy handling, quick cleaning and step safety are among MIK features.

MIK can be supported by concrete lintels, stainless steel wall clamps or fiberglass or stainless steel support legs.

Electric or hot water heated panel options make MIK an excellent choice for farrowing barns.

 Hygienic, load tested and temperature neutral panels are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

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