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Sierens Equipment Ltd., is a Canadian company, operating outside of Swan Lake, Manitoba. They manufacture specialized and automated livestock equipment manufacturer for North American and Overseas Markets. Sierens Equipment Ltd. has always been a 'service first' oriented business.

Automatic GEN II Hog Sorting Scales

Standard Features Include:

  • Robust construction in stainless steel or powder coated steel
  • G-diamond grit, non-slip floor
  • 2 level alarm system
  • Identifies 5 weight ranges
  • Maximum sort feature
  • Easy entry and exit with locking gates
  • PC compatible electronics, LED lighting
  • Nylon bushings at wear points also ensure quiet operation

Optional Features Include:

  • 2 or 3 pen destination
  • Wheel option
  • Double entry gate option
  • 1 or 2 colour dye marker
  • PC Software "Sortrite"
  • NEW "Target Sort"l"

Gen II brochure here

The Predator Sorting Scales

  • is a more economical, less durable version, with many of the same features as GEN II
  • excellent for smaller operations
  • Ask us for more information.

One Way Gates

  • Available in Stainless Steel as well as Galvanized or Powder Coated Steel
  • Available as economy style or split finger tunnel style one-way gate in stainless steel or powder coated
  • One Way Gates designed to function as a post for penning attachment
  • Replaceable nylon bushings and rubberized bumpers provide a quiet and smooth operation
  • Finger style individually closing gate with no sharp corners
  • Easy to assemble, 140 lbs. shipping weight

Dead Stock Caddy

  • Powder coated caddy with 1200 lbs. winch and stainless steel cable
  • Pulley and chain allow for up to 90° angle extraction
  • Anchor chains anchor the caddy to the existing penning for load-up
  • Large pneumatic wheels
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