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360° Freedom Farrower™

With its unique design, giving sows the freedom to turn around 360 degrees while in confinement

The unique design of the 360° Freedom Farrower™ gives the sow the freedom of movement whilst retaining the footprint of a conventional crate.  Moveable restraining bars enable close containment when necessary for the safety of stockpersons.

The advantages of the 360° Freedom Farrower™ typically include good udder presentation during lactation, higher sow feed intakes, heavier weaning weights and piglet mortality rates comparable to standard farrowing systems.  Expect significant improvements in sow condition at weaning.

When used in conjunction with straw the 360° Freedom Farrower™ allows the sow to fully express her natural nesting instincts, further reducing stress levels, leading to fewer still births, improved milk 'let down' and fewer interventions.

The pioneering design of the 360° Freedom Farrower™ has been well received by leading animal welfare bodies and the design has won approval from Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) when used in conjunction with minimal confinement and adequate manipulable materials.

Welfare and Wellbeing

Higher levels of animal welfare can bring countless benefits to both the pigs and your business by reducing the stress levels in the animals and enhancing pig performance.

Experience is showing that sows and piglets are happier and more relaxed in the 360° Freedom Farrower™ pen.

You know it makes sense:

  • Same footprint as a conventional crate
  • Piglet mortality comparable to standard systems
  • Higher sow feed intakes
  • Heavier weaning weights
  • Significant improvements in sow condition at weaning
  • Can be closed to provide increased safety for handling